User Responsibility and Transaction Policy

user responsibility and transaction policy


At GOAT Finance UAB, we prioritize the safety and informed participation of our users in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. This policy outlines the expectations regarding user responsibilities and due diligence when utilizing our services for cryptocurrency transactions or investments.

User Responsibilities

1. Personal Research and Due Diligence

Users are encouraged to undertake comprehensive research and exercise due diligence prior to initiating any transactions or investments in the cryptocurrency realm. This includes understanding the intricacies of cryptocurrency transactions and the associated risks.

2. Understanding the Scope of GOAT Finance UAB’s Services

Users must acknowledge that the primary role of GOAT Finance UAB is to facilitate the FIAT to Crypto exchange according to the user’s specified order. Once the cryptocurrencies are transferred, they enter an exchange ecosystem that is beyond the control and monitoring capabilities of GOAT Finance UAB.

3. Acknowledgement of Funds Transfer

By engaging in transactions, users confirm that they are aware that GOAT Finance UAB does not retain custody of transferred cryptocurrencies and therefore cannot oversee or control their subsequent use or movement.

Liability and Acknowledgment

1. Absolution of Liability

Upon confirming a transaction, users thereby acknowledge and agree that GOAT FInance UAB is absolved from any liabilities related to actions and events beyond its control, including, but not limited to, the potential misuse or fraudulent activities involving the transferred cryptocurrencies.

2. Affirmation of User Compliance

By proceeding with the transaction, users affirm that they are in compliance with the necessary regulations and best practices governing cryptocurrency transactions, and have undertaken adequate research to make informed decisions.


GOAT Finance UAB remains committed to fostering a secure and responsible platform for cryptocurrency transactions. We urge our users to adhere to this policy, promoting a safe and informed environment for all parties involved. Your cooperation and adherence to this policy are greatly appreciated.