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Buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies easily and without being a victim of unfair banking control.

The world of cryptocurrencies offers the opportunity to make yourself free financially, there are no longer geographical and political limits.

The choice is now yours.

Fiat & Crypto trading OTC P2P


Binance Exchange
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Trading OTC & P2P

Trading with P2P

Trade using a certified, transparent entity with the lowest percentage of commissions currently available on the market.

Nobody can offer you a safe, convenient and high quality service like GOAT does today for companies and individuals who intend to fulfill medium-large orders.


OTC Desk

Our OTC Desk allows you to exchange be made over the phone, via email, via text message or via web site, through which if it stipulates a contract in which the price, quantity and method of payment are fixed.

Bitcoin Community & Industry Leaders

Don't trust, verify.

Our Services

Your path to institutional finances

As an institution, high-quality standards and procedures must be in place to perform high-volume transactions, AML, KYC and KYB are important.

Product For Individual

Multiple pairs available for trade, P2P and OTC

Product For Institutions

Institutional investment is available with personalized service.

Product For Developers

Coming Soon

why choose us ?

Providing high-quality and compliant liquidity.

Following regulations is not an easy task. We are committed to the European and Worldwide regulations to make your path of crypto investment safer, but most importantly, we fulfil our goal to contribute to a safer industry.

Build for People

We care about our customers needs, not the competition.

Safety and security

Our dedicated team is always trained to follow best practices.

Free Crypto Wallet

Most of our services are free, no monthly commitments or hidden setup fees

Easy To Transact

Our dedicated team and personalized service available 24/7.

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Our Strengths


You can rely on a reliable counterpart as we have all the necessary certificates and are recognized by FCIS.


No social barriers. We operate worldwide without borders.


If you need assistance we are there! You can count on constant availability, we are online and operational 24/7.