building the cryptoeconomy a more fair, accessible and efficient

The world of cryptocurrencies offers the opportunity to render financially free, there are no geographical and political limits.

OTC Desk

Our OTC Desk allows you to exchange be made over the phone, via email, via text message or via web site, through which if it stipulates a contract in which the price, quantity and method of payment are fixed.

P2P Desk

With our P2P Desk you will be able to check available offers in different exchanges and perform your operations through a validated and licensed entity that guarantee your fund reception on time.

Crypto Card

With deposit cards you can make your cryptocurrencies spendable through the Visa and Mastercard circuits, accepted by all merchants in the world.


We guide you in the setup of your wallet using a descentralized product like Ledger, Trezor among others. 


Our qualified team is available to provide you training enhancing your skills in the crypto industry. Available in three languages: English, Italian and Spanish. 


You need an advanced solution, contact us and let us know how we can help, from company constitution to licensing and AML training, we are your European partner.